10 of the Most Adorable Easter Baby Photos Ever

Bad easter baby photos

Valentine’s Day just flew by! Can you believe it’s already time to plan for Easter baby photos!

Whether your baby is a newborn or nearly a toddler, Easter baby photos are a must. As a photographer and mom, I find it more and more important to document my child’s life. Time flies by so quickly. Looking back over the years of photos brings such fond memories, deepening our love for our little ones. Who knew such love could deepen year after year?

First, here’s a tip. Let’s avoid these photos this year:

Bad easter baby photos
source: huffingtonpost.com

Instead, hire a local photographer at a reasonable rate. It’s absolutely worth the investment! Schedule this soon as Easter is approaching and their calendars book up fast. Be sure you explain to them your hopes for this session, and that it is Easter-themed. Ask them what type of props they have to offer and if they have any ideas for what you can purchase beforehand to be ready for the best Easter baby photos ever.

Here are some ideas for you!

1. The bunny baby

This costume can get a little warm, so put it on right before you snap pictures and take it off right after.

adorbale easter baby bunny photos
source: www.marinacano.com

2. Naked baby with bunny ears

Cute doesn’t even begin to describe this picture! You don’t need a full-body shot to get the “money shot”.

(Soft pastel colors are perfect for Easter!)

naked baby with bunny ears easter picture ideas
source: www.magic4walls.com

3. Toddler with a real bunny

As long as your child isn’t afraid, let a real bunny hop into the picture…literally!

Toddler with a real easter bummy picture ideas
source: dallastexasrealestateblog.com

4. Baby in matching knit outfit holding a carrot

Cute and simple, we love this idea because it’s one that shouldn’t make your baby fuss.

baby w/ bunny ears holding a carrot easter picture ideas
source: interiorsbystudiom.com

5. Toddler/baby session outside with eggs, basket, Easter outfit

If the weather allows, bring that photoshoot outside and get plenty of Easter props.

baby eating easter eggs picture ideas
source: wallpapershidef.com

6. Sunday best

Dressed up babies are the best because they look like little adults, but much cuter!

baby wearing sunday bests easter picture ideas
source: lisaalamode.com

7. “My 1st Easter”

If you think your baby will sit still for this one, this is a great idea for those Easter photos!

baby in an easter basket picture ideas
source: Plum Pretty Photography

8. Baby in a basket of eggs

This is the cutest basket of eggs we’ve ever seen, wouldn’t you agree? It’s a simple idea with loads of cuteness!

baby in easter basket with easter eggs picture ideas
source: theberry.com

9. Naked baby with ears and eggs

Although your baby will probably hate this picture when he gets older, you can love it now!

(The naked baby photos never get old!)

naked baby with easter bunny ears picture ideas
source: photostreet.ca

10. Baby in a giant, half-cracked egg

Look what just hatched! Your baby will likely think this is a game and will be all smiles for your pictures.

(Baby is sure to have a blast!)

baby in a halfed cracked easter egg picture idea
source: blog.jechase.com

Whatever you do, don’t skip or skimp on the Easter photos! Most of all, have fun! Remember, time flies by so fast.

Happy Easter!


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