Best Indian Cartoons For Baby

The best Indian cartoons focuses on the most popular cartoons that are being watched by people in India. Cartoons are the best entertainers for the present generation of kids. With both parents working, the cartoons keep the children from not getting into much trouble. And parents and baby sitters find this very useful in feeding food for the children who otherwise are picky eaters or refuse to eat at all. So here are a few best Indian cartoons to help you right away.

Chota Bheem

Almost all Indian kids have grown up watching the Chota Bheem series. The plot revolves around Bheem and his friends – Raju, Chutki, Jagggu, Kalia, Dolu and Bolu. Bheem and his friends always encounter adventure in their everyday life. Bheem comes to the rescue of his village with his super-mighty strength which he gets when he eats Ladoos. The characters are cute and fun to watch. A couple of episodes you watch and addiction is undeniable.

Adventures of Tenali Raman

This is also a popular cartoon series in India. The series is about Tenali Raman’s life and the incidents that took place during his time. Tenali Raman was popular for his humour and his ability to solve problems easily. Children will be able to learn many moral lessons and life lessons from these stories.

Roll No. 21

This cartoon shows Krishna and Kansa in the modern generation. In Hindu mythology, the story revolves between Krishna and Kansa who is his uncle. But here in this cartoon series, the story revolves around the school where Krishna studies and the Principal of the school is Kansa. It is a splendid mixture of modern times and Indian Mythology. However, Krishna is called as Kris and Kansa is named as Kanishk.

Mighty Raju

The series is about Raju. The same Raju from the popular cartoon series – Chota Bheem! This cartoon series is also very popular in the best Indian cartoons. And the series revolves around Raju who attends a modern school and faces many challenges that eventually turn out to be adventurous. Raju has special powers by which he successfully defeats the bad guys. Every episode is unique and keeps the young audience entertained.

The above are just a few from the numerous popular cartoons from the best Indian cartoons. You may also watch and enjoy other cartoon series such as Motu Patlu, Ninja Hatori, Hagemaru, Doraemon etc.

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