Top 5 Things I Wish I’d Put on My Baby Registry

Stock up on overnight diapers on your registry

When you’re running around with the gift registry scanner in hand, you suddenly find a thousand things you didn’t even realize you needed or existed!

Suddenly, all the gizmos and gadgets start calling your name. But, what items do you really need?

Knowing what they know now (the importance of good sleep), a lot of parents say they would have prioritized their registries differently to avoid sleep issues down the road.

You may not realize just how important sleep is quite yet, since your baby is still being compared to a garden fruit. But you’ll soon see that the most important items to put on your registry are things that’ll soothe your newborn so you can both sleep as long and as peacefully as possible.

1. Stock Up On Overnight Diapers

A few exhaustive nights of changing super-soaked diapers quickly put overnight diapers at the top of the I-wish-I’d-registered-for-this list.

While you’ll certainly be up several times in the night with feedings and diaper changes, the longer you can keep baby dry and comfortable, the longer you’ll both be able to sleep soundly.

Stock up on overnight diapers on your registry

2. Turn Your Nursery Into An Acoustic Whale Party

Unless you have endless amount of air to shush your baby to sleep with every stir…get a sound machine! White noise mimics the womb environment to help babies settle.

As part of your bedtime routine, place the sound machine in the nursery (not too close to the crib) and turn the volume on low. Your sleep will forever change when fussy babies get a gentle reminder that they are not alone- they are in a sea of peaceful whales singing, nature chirping, or another soothing setting.

3. Tackle The To Do List With The Zen Swaddle

When baby starts getting those heavy eyes and rubbing his eyelids, but you’ve got a thousand things to accomplish around the house, put him in a the Zen Swaddle®:

  • It’s gently weighted to mimic your touch, so your baby can learn to fall asleep on his own—and you’re free to, you know, do life.
  • The easy-to-wrap wing design means you spend less time trying to figure out how to put it on and more time getting stuff done.
  • It’s 2 sizes in 1 and can be wrapped with arms in or out, so it’s going to last well through the newborn stages

4. Keep A Watchful Eye Wherever You Are!

At first, when you hear baby cooing and rustling around, you’re going to want to get up and check on her each time there’s a crinkle of the mattress.

You’ll get a lot more rest when you know there’s nothing to worry about. You probably knew you should add a baby monitor to your registry, but you’ll rest even easier if you get one with these key features:

  • Night-vision camera that allows you to check in on baby without disturbing her
  • A thermostat, so you can avoid long nights getting up to just check on the room temperature

5. Add Zen Sleepwear To Your Bedtime Routine

Properly designed sleepwear can really make a difference when everybody’s ready to rest their eyelids. Instead of filling your cart with regular old PJs, consider some sleepwear that will actually help your baby sleep longer. 

Gently weighted Zen PJs are adorable and will help your baby sleep

New parents swear by gently weighted Zen Sleepwear™ because it’s designed to soothe like your touch. Gently weighted Cuddle Pads mimic your embrace, so babies fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

Add an assortment of our Zen Sleepwear products to your registry now, so you can give your baby a head start on a healthy sleep routine.

Top 5 things I wish I'd put on my baby registry

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